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1425 North DuPont Highway PO Box 430
Dover, Delaware 19903-0430


State Police Museum Time Wall Crime Investigation Ford Sedan Helicopter Trooper Dan

Delaware State Police Museum

The museum is open to the public and we invite you to stop by and visit us.

Scene of the Crime

The State Police investigate and solve crimes throughout the State of Delaware.

The Delaware State Police was founded in 1923

Here you'll find 10 decades of State Police history.

1946 Ford 2 Door Coupe

On display at the museum along side a 1941 Ford 2 Door Coupe.

Delaware State Police Helicopter

The helicopters are used for police and paramedic services.

Trooper Dan

Trooper Dan is an integral part of our outreach to the community youth.

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History of the Delaware State Police - 2010 - present

2015 - A sad day for the Delaware State Police

DSP Chaplain Father Frundt passed away after serving our Troopers from 1963-2015.

Chaplain Father Frundt

Chaplain Frundt Chaplain Frundt

Father Frundt's Memorial Bench
A memorial bench for Father Oscar Frundt has been added to the Museum Brick Garden.

The Shepherd is still tending to his flock.

Chaplain Frundt's Memorial Bench

2012 National Law Enforcement Gala

Honor Guard

Honor GuardLaw Enforcement Gala

Alfred I. DuPont Hospital 2012 Picnic ~ Sgt. Dan is on duty.

Alfred I. DuPont Hospital 2012 Picnic

Alfred I. DuPont Hosptial Picnic 2012Alfred I. DuPont Hospital 2012 PicnicHospital Picnic 2012


Christmas Hospital Visit - 2012Christmas Visit 2012

Bringing smiles and good cheer at Christmas time!

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus escorted by the Delaware State Troopers

Santa Visits the Baby

AHHH!!! Santa's little helper

Santa and the Princesses

Elmo and Miss Delaware are lending a hand to help deliver the presents to another princess

Eat More Chicken

Elmo joins Chick-Fila's Cow encouraging everyone to "Eat More Chicken"!

DSP Military Service Recognition Ceremony 2012

DSP Military Service Recognition Ceremony Honor Guard Recognition Ceremony


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