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State Police Museum Time Wall Crime Investigation Ford Sedan Helicopter Trooper Dan

Delaware State Police Museum

The museum is open to the public and we invite you to stop by and visit us.

Scene of the Crime

The State Police investigate and solve crimes throughout the State of Delaware.

The Delaware State Police was founded in 1923

Here you'll find 10 decades of State Police history.

1946 Ford 2 Door Coupe

On display at the museum along side a 1941 Ford 2 Door Coupe.

Delaware State Police Helicopter

The helicopters are used for police and paramedic services.

Trooper Dan

Trooper Dan is an integral part of our outreach to the community youth.

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Send your inquiries to:

Delaware State Police Museum

Mailing address: PO Box 430, Dover, DE 19903-0430

Attention: Click on the name to send an email.

Located at: 1425 North DuPont Highway

Dover, DE 19901



Directions to the Museum.


Contact List:

Contact via email:

For information or assistance: (click on the name below)
Lieutenant Dave Lawson (Retired) President

For service inquiries or assistance:

For customer support or assistance:


Museum Office:


Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays please leave a message.  A member of the museum staff will contact you.

Executive Board of Directors:

  • President -Lieutenant Dave Lawson (Retired)
  • Vice President - Captain Jason Sapp
  • Treasurer - Rich Engle (Civilian)
  • Secretary - Debbie Geiser (Civilian)

Board of Directors

  • Board Member -Rich Engle (Civiliam)
  • Board Member - Colonel James L. Ford (Retired)
  • Board Member - Sgt. Richard K. Foskey (Retired)
  • Board Member - Debbie Geiser (Civilian)
  • Board Member - Cpl/1 Adam Jewell (Active)
  • Board Member - Sgt. Edward Larney (Active)
  • Board Member - Lieutenant Dave Lawson (Retired)
  • Board Member - Major Edward F. Martin (Retired)
  • Board Member - Capt. John Miller (Retired)
  • Board Member - M/Cpl. Charles J. McCall, Jr. (Retired)
  • Board Member - Captain Jason H. Sapp (Active)

Board of Directors Meeting Dates (meetings held at the Museum)

  • Monday, August 7, 2023 @ 0900
  • Monday, October 2, 2023 @ 0900
  • Tuesday, December 4, 2023 @ 0900
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